About the Artist

Janna_Gromova_Artist-Vancouver-300Born in Komsomolsk-on Amur, a small town in the Russian Far East, and educated as a psychologist, Janna now lives and works in Vancouver, Canada. She graduated from Capilano University Studio Art.

When Janna moved to Vancouver in 2004, she was amazed by the beauty and magnificence of the local nature. The spectacular environment of the Pacific West coast inspired her so tremendously that Janna, never having been involved in art, began to create and express her passion for colour through painting.

Janna’s impressionist-style paintings are often dramatic with a greater strength of colour, character and light contrasts, whether they are landscapes, still life, or abstractions. She works mainly with oil, but also with watercolor and acrylic.

The latest project is a series of paintings, that artist named “Daughters”, is mainly large scale canvases – their size being bold and eye-catching.

“ …My paintings reflect my belief that every subject – be it a landscape, a figure or just a simple flower – has its own inner essence that evokes profound emotional impressions in people. I like capturing this sense of the inner ‘spirit’ and sharing my delight in experiencing it with the viewers. I chose to work in the Impressionist style with its freedom of using color, light and loose brush strokes, as it has the expressive potential, beauty, and the ability to elicit emotional responses in the audience”.

Janna’s works emphasize that every painting tells a story. “My paintings mirror the function of the artist as a story teller, who connects the subject with the viewer”.